Steel Geared Power Driven Chaff Cutter


The Kisancom Toka Steel Geared type is fitted on Heavy Angle Iron Frame which is mounted on Heavy angle legs and braces, with forged feed, which enable the machine to be easily bolted to the ground. The bevel pinion gear system is used. Because of this system you you can change the motions (Reverse & Forward) instantly. This is a great advantage to machine as well as chocking of the machine. Length of cut can be changed with gear lever instantly. All gear are duly hardened. The main shaft of the machine is fitted with bearing.

Technical Data

  • Works on 2 H.P. Single Phase Motor
  • Output 1200 Kgs. to 1500 Kgs. Per Hour
  • Length of cut 3/8'' to 1/2'' and 1/2'' to 5/8''
  • 300 to 350 RPM required
  • Before starting the machine, fill the main gear box with 200 to 250 ml. Lubricating Oil Number 90 and the Outer gear box with grease.
  • Always keep the blades sharp. Keep a distance of 1/16'' or 1.5mm between blades and mouth piece.
  • You can chaff Sugarcane, Jawar, Maize, Barseen both dry and green.

Accessories Supplied with the Machine

  • Iron Feeding Chute with safety measures.
  • 22'' Machine Pulley.
  • Nut & Bolts and Grease Cup.
  • A set of 3 pieces of double ended Open Jaw spanners, Drop Forged steel duly hardened.
  • Wheel Cover.


Electric Motor, Motor Stand, Safety Guard, V-Belt & Blades can be supplied with machine at additional cost.

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